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JPCSP Editor's Review

So Far, so Good, but More Games Needed

Programming a console emulator is a tricky proposition, especially for a relatively more recent console such as the Playstation Portable. The Java-based open-source JPSCP emulator is however a strong piece of software, suitable for both playing existing games and testing out your own projects.

As an open-source project there is a strong community behind the software, so any problems can be brought to the attention of the project's forum for swift advice and help. However, more documentation with the download would be helpful, as it can take time to trawl through forum posts to find the information you are looking for.

The download is compact and the emulator is easy to install and set up, with controls and compatibility features easy to tweak, even for those without technical knowledge.

The interface itself is basic but functional, with a graphical control allocation feature making assigning controls basically idiot-proof. You just click on the PSP graphic to assign controls.

The major downside is that the list of compatible games is small, however the range is growing. Some games may run a bit slowly, especially on older hardware.

Pro's: Friendly and knowledgeable community, easy to tweak compatibility, easy to assign controls.

Con's: Can run slowly, small range of compatible games, sparse documentation.

Conclusion: JPCSP is certainly worth having if you want to play one of the games on its compatibility list or test your own projects. While it is relatively easy to use, more documentation would be helpful.

JPCSP Publisher's Description

PCSP is the first PSP emulator that is written in JAVA.

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What's New in Version 0.7 of JPCSP

-> Added Game Pad support;
-> Major performance improvements in the graphic processing (see new Video options);
-> Automatic decoding of stereo ATRAC3+ audio using SonicStage;
-> Rendering of fonts using "sceFont". OpenSource fonts are provided as a replacement
for the PSP fonts. But the PSP original fonts can be used for maximal compatibility;
-> Automatic decryption of encrypted EBOOT.BIN and PGD files.
Savedata files can also be loaded/saved in an encrypted form, like on a real PSP;
-> Added the configuration of regional settings
under "Options" > "Configuration" > "Region";
-> Configuration settings can be changed "on the fly",
i.e. the changes are effective immediately.
-> Draft implementation for the support of Video UMDs;
-> Basic network support: Infrastructure network is almost complete.
Adhoc network or Signin to the Playstation Network are not supported at all.
-> A lot of compatibility improvements in almost all of the PSP modules.
-> Major code cleanup in the module architecture (now using Java reflection).

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